We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

The service I have always received from Dr. Clifton and his staff is second to none. They are extremely accommodating and go out of their way to assist with any issues. Their thorough exam and the various devices offered to correct a hearing issue, is remarkable. Thanks again Ascent Audiology...

Alan M

Highly recommend! Dr. Clifton was warm, thorough and informative. Provided the best detailed explanation and advice I’ve received to date.

Dawn H

Prompt service, great staff – 100% go to

John P

I have tried hearing aids before without success so I didn’t have much faith in finding ones that would work for me. My daughter and wife insisted and I am so glad they did. Dr. Clifton is the greatest so far I couldn’t be happier. TV again is a joy...

James A

I went to see Dr. Clifton for a hearing test, first time I ever had a checkup. I am 71 years old and figured it was time. The office was very nice and the doctor was really nice and professional. Dr. Clifton explained everything he was going to do...

Joe C

I went to get my ears checked out because I was not hearing correctly with ringing and stuffy closed off feeling. Was not sure if I had cotton stuck in there. He was able to show me on camera that I had no cotton or wax lodged there. He did an audio response test and discovered that it was more internal. He was awesome, patient and knowledgeable.

De G

I have been seeing Dr. Clifton for over a year now and I have always had great experiences. Dr. Clifton is always attentive, helpful and answers any questions either in person or email. Highly recommend him.

Russell F

Dr. Clifton is kind, caring, and compassionate about his patients.  Extremely knowledgeable about the latest technology and ways to help his patients.  As a doctor myself, I appreciate someone who truly cares about his patients!

Dr. Bill R

This office is the best! We came to this clinic to see about getting help for my moms hearing difficulties. Dr. Clifton did a very thorough hearing test and we found out my mom was a great hearing aid candidate. Dr. Clifton presented us with multiple treatment options which he allowed us to select with no pressure. Mom is now hearing better than she has in years and we are so glad to be patients at this clinic. Highly recommended!!

Raina P

Our journey started approximately 5 weeks ago, when our 21 yr old son awoke with a constant high pitch form of tinnitus. For those who have the unfortunate experience with this; you immediately understand the dramatic impact this has on one's life especially a college student. After multiple ENTs and medications, we found very little relief which further compounded the situation. After researching hearing device options, I decided to make an appointment with Ascent Audiology. At the time, I was uncertain if this was a viable option. Immediately, from the receptivity and helpfulness of Donna in the front office to get us in quickly, to Dr. Clifton's knowledge  and thoroughness discussing the symptom; we felt genuine concern for his condition. Further, the hearing device immediately had a positive impact providing relief and for the first time in several weeks a way to move forward. While Dr Clifton demonstrated himself as a  highly qualified audiologist; what I found to be his best attribute is overall compassion. If you find yourself reading these reviews, I'll assume that you are looking for a Dr that truly cares; so without hesitation I highly recommend.

Brad S

I went for a routine check up this week and I left with a great understanding of my own hearing and how to proactively prevent hearing loss. I race cars and spend a lot of time around the racetrack. Dr. Clifton gave me some really great options on custom earplugs but never tried to push a sale which was refreshing. I'll be coming back annually to get my hearing checked and will recommend Ascent to my loved ones and friends. Thanks again!!!

Cliff H

The doctor spent a lot of time making sure that the hearing aids I wanted were the best for me. Turned out the ones I wanted were not the best so he made sure that I got the best option. Many days spent there because he wanted a happy client and he got one! Cant say enough good things about this office! Thank you!!!

Debi P

Such an awesome place. Donna was so nice and caring. The doctor was patient and explained every detail to my granddaughter as he was running the tests. Highly recommended!

Cythia G

This place was very professional from the moment I called and went in for my first appointment. Definitely check them out!

Yesenia C

Prompt service, clean facility and awesome staff. Would Highly recommend!

Ed P
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